Getting spotify into Fedora – part 2

Getting spotify into fedora hasn’t been easy. Not for technical reasons, but legal.  Clearing spotify’s legal conditions, Fedora’s legal concerns and also the packaging rules as defined by the FPC has taken more than half a year. Actually, the FPC process made part of my previous post obsolete.  But at last we see some light in the tunnel, with the packages going to rpmfusion instead of Fedora.

As of now (exactly right now!) the lpf-spotify-client package has been published for F-19 on rpmfusion. This package basically automates the process to download, build and install a rpm based on the Spotify debian package.. Enjoy

Also, this means that the lpf (Local Package Factory) framework becomes live. We have currently lpf-skype and lpf-flash-plugin under way.  I also have lpf-msttcore-fonts in my plans. When all this flies, there will actually be a way to handle a lot of the things in all those Fedora post-installation guides out there in a more organized manner.  Which might be a Good Thing.


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